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Научная электронная библиотека eLIBRARY.RU — это крупнейший российский информационно-аналитический портал в области науки, технологии, медицины и образования, содержащий рефераты и полные тексты более 19 млн научных статей и публикаций, в том числе электронные версии более 3900 российских научно-технических журналов, из которых более 2800 журналов в открытом доступе.



Index Copernicus (IC) is an online database of user-contributed information, including scientist profiles, as well as of scientific institutions, publications and projects established in 1999 in Poland, and operated by Index Copernicus International. The database, named after Nicolaus Copernicus (who triggered the Copernican Revolution), has several assessment tools to track the impact of scientific works and publications, individual scientists, or research institutions. In addition to the productivity aspects, IC also offers the traditional abstracting and indexing of scientific publications.



ResearchBib is open access with high standard indexing database for researchers and publishers. Research Bible may freely index journals, research papers, call for papers, research position.

This is to certify that Wschodnioeuropejskie Czasopismo Naukowe is indexed in International Scientific Indexing (ISI). The Journal has Impact Factor Value of 0.572 based on International Citation Report (ICR) for the year 2014-15

Founded in 2006 with the goal of making knowledge sharing easy, Slideshare joined the LinkedIn family in 2012 and has since grown into a top destination for professional content. With over 18 million uploads in 40 content categories, it is today one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world.


Cosmos Foundation was founded by renowned scientists. A group of 100 scientist from various countries in different disciplines are started Cosmos (2010) with specific objective of providing quality information to the researcher. We offer academic database services to researcher. We provide impact factor and index of academic journals, books. We maintain academic database services to researchers, journal editors and publishers. Cosmos provides a detailed report of individual journal for further improvement of respective journal overall look up and technical aspect for better Impact Factor.