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  • The main office of «Eastern European scientific journal» is in Poland, Warsaw
  • We carry out the publication of scientific articles for the students, teachers, PhDs, and other researchers.
  • The scientific journal is licensed by the International Scientific publications.
  • Archive journal has published 36 rooms, which includes about 1,000 scientific papers.
  • In addition to the electronic publication of the article, researcher receives  a printed copy of the scientific magazine, as well as collaborators and scientific publications (with free delivery to the CIS).
  • The scientific journal is indexed in the RISC.
  • Your research work is published in its entirety on the publisher’s website and printed form.



Editorial team:
Adam Barczuk
Mikołaj Wiśniewski
Szymon Andrzejewski
Dominik Makowski
Paweł Lewandowski

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