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[ut_service_column headline=»1.) FILL QUESTIONNARIES»]This will give us all the necessary data for publication.
[ut_service_column headline=»2.) DESIGN ARTICLES»]On the validity of the article depends on getting into RINC
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[ut_header style=»pt-style-2″ align=»left» lead_accent_font_weight=»normal» title=»Make your life easier» title_color=»#ffffff» lead_color=»#ffffff»]XXI Century automates the publishing process, eliminate bureaucratic routine and to save you from unnecessary hassles!

It’s enough to give us your scientific work.


— After checking the article, we paid for 24 hours will publish your work on the site in an electronic form (preprint)
— After the release of the print version insert your article in an electronic library RISC
— Provide a certificate of publication, if necessary
— Answer any of your questions, it is sufficient to use the feedback form on the contact page[/ut_header]

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To stay up to date with the release of new issues of the journal
and know to be aware of the actual dates of the set of articles in the new numbers
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