Publication payment

Before paying for the publication of the article, you can use the calculator to calculate the cost of your required number of editorial services. And only after that go directly to the payment of publication. The system works on the basis of Interkassa payments, which allows you to pay for services in any convenient way.
We draw the attention of the authors, to order a paper journal, you must specify the number of printed journals in the appropriate window of the cost calculator – See below. Each author has the opportunity to order a printed copy and its postal delivery to the author. The cost of one printed journal with postal delivery to the author is 480 rubles / 120 UAH / 6 US dollars / 5 Euro

Cost of publication

Publishing an article - 0
The cost of a printed journal, taking into account postal delivery, is calculated when ordering the required number of copies.
Number of printed journals (mailing included in the price) - 0 pc. - 0