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Davtian L. L. Dr. Pharm. Sciences, Prof., Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and biopharmatics of the NMAPO named after P. L. Shupyk Drozdova A. O. Dr. Pharm. Mr., Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy of NMAPO named after P. L. Shupyk Koval A. S. Postgraduate student of the chair of pharmaceutical technology and biopharmacy of NMAPO named after P. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupyk Kyiv, Ukraine


Introduction: Today, the problem of treatment
and rehabilitation of patients with demodex, rosacea,
perioral dermatitis and acne is very relevant, as there is
an increase in morbidity among people of working age,
requirements for appearance as a factor [3, 4] are in-
creased, which plays an important role in professional
and personal success in society. As a result of the
chronic inflammatory process on the face of the skin
formed defects resistant to most methods of external
therapy and cosmetic correction. Cosmetic defects af-
fect socio-psychological, interpersonal relationships,
often cause feelings of anxiety, depression, and lower
quality of life of patients, which makes this problem
relevant not only in the medical, but also in the social
aspect [6, 7].

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