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Nurtaev Bakhram * , Nurtaev Lali 1 (*) Institute of Helioclimatology, Frechen, 50226,Germany; (1) Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Cologne 50678,Germany


Abstract. In this study, the results of new hydrological projections are described. It was developed a module
for quantifying of river runoffs, air temperature change and precipitation on uniform sampling basis. Particular
importance was paid to choose a length of an appropriate base period, acting as an attractor and to derive adequate
parameterizations of these quantities as a function of hydrological objects control parameters. All these ingredients
were cast in a set of empirical equations for many hydrological stations with observations period about 100 years,
for finding of river parameter trends and further forecasting.

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Key words: solar cycle, hydrological cycle, river runoff, uniform sampling, attractor. View Fullscreen


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